Monday, June 24, 2019

Club Balai Isabel: Short and Sweet

I had a chance to go for a quick getaway on a weekday with my cousins last Tuesday and we went to for a drive to Talisay, Batangas. Initially, we wanted to go to Subic as the kids wanted to try the Inflatable Island.  But we were having second thoughts because one, it was longer drive and two, because it was hot and there didn't seem to be enough protection.  Good thing that we did because Club Balai Isabel was a much better choice.
We stayed overnight and got a room good for 5 for around P6K and paid another P1,245 for the aqua park access for 4. I loved the amenities at Balai Isabel like the 3 big pools, the pool table, airconditioned lounge and restaurant. They also have basketball courts and bike for rent. I like our room because it was big and you can actually bring food to cook!
What i don't like though is that there is no wifi in the room (they are re-wiring), no phones in the room so you have to walk to the lounge for all and any inquiries, and Smart signal is bad so i don't have internet as well. But it was a good place to unplug and recharge for a day.  The resort wasnt crowded because it was off peak and we mostly had the pools to ourselves. I didn't enjoy the Aqua Park as much as I thought I would because, man, it was hard! Blame the age.  Bu the kids had fun but didn't stay for the whole hour.

Overall, I would rate that stay a 7/10.

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